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As a Growth Consultant, I Help Clients Solve the Following Problems:

  • VCs and Investors: "We need to build our own brand AND help our portfolio companies build their marketing engines. How do we kill two birds with one stone?"

  • CEOs of Growth Companies: "We need to move from winging it to a predictable marketing system. It feels like we're on a hamster wheel to hell."

  • CMOs and Marketing Directors: "We want to be the EPIC brand in our space... the GOLD standard. But we don't have a marketing budget that matches our ambitions." 

  • Sales: "We're tired of throwing spaghetti on the wall. Help. Just help."

  • Marketing Operations: "Subscribers sign up for our free stuff but then radio silence..."

  • Customer Care/Success: "We need to reduce our churn rate... we have a leaky bucket problem. OR "We get great satisfaction/NPS scores but how do we translate that into referrals?"

I answer ALL these questions above by taking off my shoes, and walking a mile in the shoes of those encountering your brand for the first time. 

From that first touchpoint till they become a raving fan, I like to architect a series of victories. I call this the Victory Growth Framework.

Based on that framework, over 20+ years of client work, the Victory Growth Toolkit came into existence piece-by-piece, and it continues to evolve!  

I typically work exclusively with retainer clients.

Now I'm considering opening up access to a select group of Founding Members so I can scale my time and my impact. 


Because I see so many people struggle with marketing. But marketing isn't complicated when you understand the specific Victory Goals and Victory Flags that are important to each audience segment and you deliver what they need. Whether you're talking to individuals or businesses, it's easy to adapt the toolkit to your needs -- and even make it completely trackable especially if you are using a marketing automation or CRM system. 

There are three emotions that evoke brand loyalty in an over-crowded marketplace: Belonging, Accomplishment, and Generosity (BAG).  

Every client's mix of BAG looks different but having all three is important. 

When you deliver Belonging, you create the perfect environment for an engaged community to be seeded. This community has a vested interest in attracting other like-minded members to your brand.

Word-of-mouth eventually becomes your biggest source of growth. Your current members become your sales force...

This sounds easy but it is hard to do.

Most brands, frankly, aren't willing to invest in building this sense of Belonging because it's an intangible that's really hard to quantify. 

When you deliver Accomplishment, you allow your loyal fans to level up and feel good about themselves. They derive status and self-worth from the growth you help them experience.

If you can build an identity layer around this accomplishment that becomes socially valuable, it's the ultimate game-changer. Everyone else in your space now is held to the standard your brand has created.

The easiest way to do this is to turn your brand into a fun but slightly challenging experience - much like an addictive video game. 

When you give before you receive and demonstrate Generosity, you evoke feelings of reciprocity -- so when it's time for you to make an 'ask.' your audience is more than happy to help you out. They've got your back! 

Generosity, within the Victory Growth Framework is about going the extra mile, creating surprise and delight moments of truth, and being responsive whenever there's a crisis.

It is not, however, to be confused with turning customer service into a cost center -- or losing money by over-delivering. By creating behavior-triggered cues for Generosity that are tied to the lifetime value of each audience segment, you can give generously without worrying about profitability. Generosity is also about letting your fans give to you and each other. By building a culture of giving, you attract the right vibe, and this ultimately affects brand equity. 

Do your marketing communications satisfy the three emotions of Belonging, Accomplishment and Generosity throughout the lifecycle? 

If you haven't created systems to trigger Victory Flags, you're potentially leaving a lot of money on the table.

The first step is to figure out what Victory Flags you need to plant at what stage. Timing is key.

Next, you'll need the operational capacity to put the Victory Flags in place.  

The last step is to track and measure so we can see who's lagging behind and who's racing ahead.

This gives us leading indicators on who's at risk to leave and who's showing potential to become a brand ambassador.

Once the system is set up, you have a predictable way to turn a qualified prospect who's barely aware of your brand to a raving fan -- willing to shout from the rooftops how incredible you are.  

I Believe That... 

 A memorable and share-worthy brand experience is at the core of any high value enterprise.

Turning strangers into raving fans who refer others to you - that's the holy grail of marketing.

(If you don't have this, you don't have a sustainable business).

  • When your true fans talk about their interactions with your brand, what do they say? 
  • Is it consistently good?

It's easier to throw money at Facebook ads or at live events, but architecting a referral-worthy strategy is where lifetime value starts and ends. 

I learned this working at a global agency in New York City at the start of my career.

I noticed that clients willing to invest in cultivating relationships did better than those who focused on the short-term transaction. 

I also learned that the Madison Avenue agency world may not be for me. 

Jane, the Account Managing Director for the Phillip Morris account at Young & Rubicam called me to help her strategize a 'Teen Smoking Prevention Campaign." The glass walls in her office were lined with cartons and cartons of Malboro cigarettes. She sat in her chair, smoking - she was the only one allowed to smoke in our historic office building (the last surviving agency from the Mad Men era). As she briefed me on the upcoming pitch meeting, it was not lost on me - a cigarette company running an anti-smoking campaign - how ironic! 

The Phillip Morris meeting went well and as I walked back to our offices on Madison Avenue, I was lost in thought. I started crossing the street and almost got hit by a truck. In that moment, it suddenly hit me -- this is not what I wanted my legacy to be.  

So what would it look like if I used the same strategic thinking and marketing skills for good? 

This is where the vision for the Victory Growth Framework + Toolkit was born. 

I don't work with cigarette companies anymore. In fact, some of my clients have a net positive impact on the world - how cool is that?



A biotech client banked $3 million in no-strings-attached funding from our work together. Now they have recurring income to pay for product development of a revolutionary coating technology for syringes and medical devices. I also revamped their website to be content-rich and SEO-optimized, re-designed their trade show booth so it generates foot traffic and leads, and helped them publish articles in industry journals read by their Big Pharma clients. 

$11,550 WITH $0 IN AD SPEND

A nonprofit generated $11, 550 in a recent product launch with zero ad spend. We combined several strategies including extracting sales from a 'dead' email list that wasn't opening or taking action!  

Next for this client: a podcast monetization strategy that converts passive listeners into active supporters who contribute recurring revenue. Stay tuned (especially if you have a podcast) - several podcasts are attempting to use Patreon. My approach is a bit different - it leverages the Victory Growth Method 🙂 

The Role of Advertising $$$

I'm not against ad spend but I like to use it strategically. For example, I absolutely recommend investing in ads to validate an idea. I'd rather burn a little money upfront to see if anyone will buy than build the whole product first. Do you pre-validate using ads? How has it worked out for you?

I also recommend using social media to 10x what's already working, and to build warmed up audiences of highly qualified prospects. I LOVE retargeting Facebook video views and LinkedIn Live video looks promising! 


  • You understand the value of retention, referral and upsell - not just acquisition. You care about the lifetime value - not just the first ka-ching. You're playing the long game. Recurring revenue isn't a one-and-done proposition. 
  • You know the value of magical brand experiences centers around a deep understanding of your audiences: one segment may need stories and another may need facts and figures -- and you're willing to speak to them differently. 
  • You take action. Recently, a client implemented an offer I suggested, and made bank with one email... If you're looking for theory and buzzwords, the Victory Growth Framework is not for you. Here, we like to ship, test, and remix till we get it right. 


  • You want to try a new 'growth hack' every day a.k.a. the "Squirrel!" problem, I'm a strategy-first, tactics-later, kind of girl. If you're into shiny new objects, you may be better off buying a funnel hacking program or hiring a "growth hacker." Would you hack your relationship with your best friend? That's not how deep bonds are forged. The Victory Growth Framework is about forging deep relationships that are resistant to marketplace pressures.
  • You like to build then unveil your products/service like Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone... With the Victory Flags Framework, I recommend you pre-validate and sometimes even pre-sell before you build features, upgrades, or new products. In fact, some of our best money-making ideas come from listening to your true fans. 
  • You like to talk about personas and avatars but never want to meet with the people you serve...  you will not like this approach. This framework REQUIRES you to chat with your audiences and *GULP* even invite negative feedback (so you hear it first). 
  • You want a Facebook / Adwords / YouTube / LinkedIn expert. These platforms change daily and no one person can master them. I prefer to know the highlights and delegate the execution to subject matter experts. 

Even if you're smiling and nodding because you struggle with Shiny Object Syndrome or don't like talking to your customers, but you are ready for a new approach, let's talk!

I'm terrible at basketball, and I can only draw stick figures that make my 10-year old laugh, but I'm really good at finding the 20% that gets 80% of the marketing opportunity hiding within your business. Over 25 years of experience and a Master's degree in Marketing have given me a few gray hairs and a sixth sense for where the "Quick Wins" lie. If you'd like to schedule a consultation, get in touch!