Photo of Neesha Mirchandani

Hi! I'm Neesha!

I help my clients create recurring revenue business models
AND turn paying fans into referral machines 
using the Victory Flags Framework. 
Without predictable revenue and and a loyal community, it's hard to build a sustainable brand and business model. 
The 'feast-to-famine' hamster wheel can give you a heart attack. 
I hold space for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and fast-moving nonprofit CEOs who have big, hairy audacious goals but don't want to face serious business and marketing challenges alone. I help them delete the stress, enjoy the ride, and still achieve the results without sacrificing their sanity along the way.
Some clients come to me with a clean slate.
They're just starting out and they want to do things the right way. 
Others come to me when their free audiences aren't converting to paid, and they need help ASAP.  
Do you have a 'leaky bucket' problem - people handing you money, then leaving?  Or Facebook ads not working even though you hired the 'expert?'
There's usually a deeper issue that needs to be resolved. 
I figure out WHY.
I have a strange rule: "3 Belly-Laughs" rule on all client calls.  
If we're not having fun, why do it? 
I always look for the 20% that gets us 80% of the way to a solution. 
I'm honest about the tough choices that need to be made - not all clients like to know the truth but avoiding reality only makes things worse. 
I always start by listening to your audiences, your front line staff, and reading your numbers. 

Impact Stars, my company, also helps youth in foster to find financial prosperity. 
We believe that youth in foster care deserve priority access to financial literacy training, access to entrepreneurship, future-proof job skills, and internships.
The current outcomes are incredibly depressing: 1 out of 4 youth in foster care are unemployed and those who are employed, 77% of them are in minimum wage jobs earning less than $25,000 per year.  

"Relentless focus on what is important for the customer..."

I had the privilege to work with Neesha on multiple initiatives as part of her role as a Principal in the Strategy & Change team at IBM, and her biggest strength is the relentless focus on what is important for the customer.

She also doesn't shy away from asking the hard questions during a discussion, and in the process makes the end product much more fool proof. She leads confidently, but without arrogance. Neesha is always professional and works well with stakeholders across large organizations.

I have often used Neesha as a sounding board during brainstorming sessions as she has the ability to filter out the noise and hone in on the core of the problem. Always insightful, Neesha has been a valuable colleague and mentor.

Dave Nesbitt

Currently Senior Product Manager, lululemon Previously, Principal, IBM



My Role: Part-Time Marketing Director

A biotech client banked $3 million in funding from our work together. Now they have Annual Recurring Revenue to pay for R&D expenses and associated overhead for the next 2 years.

As their part-time Director of Marketing, I also helped them revamped their website to be content-rich and SEO-optimized, re-designed their trade show booth so it generates foot traffic and leads, and helped them publish articles in industry journals read by their Big Pharma clients. 

$11,550 WITH $0 IN AD SPEND

My Role: Marketing Coach & Advisor

A nonprofit generated $11, 550 in a recent product launch with zero ad spend. We combined several strategies including extracting sales from a 'dead' email list that wasn't opening or taking action.  


Created $2,750 in new revenue for a client from an asset they had not fully monetized. This win came even before we signed the contract to begin our work together with a single email. 

Next: We will be launching an evergreen funnel to convert passive listeners into active supporters who contribute Monthly Recurring Revenue. Stay tuned if you have a podcast!

"Wastes no time figuring out possible solutions and a path to action..."

Neesha is excellent at recognizing opportunities and brainstorming their development. She wastes no time figuring out possible solutions and a path to action. She has an open-minded confidence that has helped me identify new approaches without fearing failure. Her energy and optimism are infectious because she delivers interesting, thought-provoking ideas.  In addition to working with Neesha on partnership strategy development, I’m collaborating with her to provide her HaHa Coloring Book to children in foster care and to children living in challenging circumstances. Her book is being used as a creative outlet that invites healing. I’m grateful to her for her generous and caring spirt.

"Practical approach, understanding of business owners' time and resources..."

Neesha is like a breath of fresh air. I met her at a local event and was instantly taken by her intelligence and can-do attitude. We recently met for lunch, and in a single hour, she was able to help me define and productize ideas that I've had in my head for years and haven't done anything with.   Her practical approach, understanding of business owners' time and resources, and ability to bring esoteric strategies into a sharp tactical focus is an incredibly rare skill.

"Will provide much more than you can imagine with the resources provided..."

Neesha is a no BS marketer - that will provide much more than you can imagine with the resources provided. She will research, test, and analyze until the program works and the client gets the desired results. She has a wealth of knowledge that other marketers just dream of having.

"Results driven... definitely a strategic partner you want on your side."

Neesha has a very bright mind and isn't scared to try new things. She is very result driven and thrives off of finding solutions that will work. When something doesn't work she comes back stronger the next time. She's definitely a strategic partner you want on your side.