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Dec 11

HotSkillsPayBills: Data Science

By neesha | #Hotskillspaybills

Neesha Mirchandani  🎙️

Data Science is one of the hottest skills right now, and we focus on it in our #hotskillspaybills training - an online career workshop that helps you stay ahead in the Age of Automation. 

According to the University of Wisconsin, the median starting salary for a data scientist is $95,000. The median salary for a mid-level data scientist is $128,750. If this data scientist is also in a managerial role, the median salary rises to $185,000. 


Many people wrongly assume that to get qualified as a data scientist requires getting into debt by completing a 4-year college degree at a prestigious university like MIT or Carnegie Mellon. But that's not always the best path forward for everyone. 

There are so many new ways to acquire data science skills without going into debt. Before making such a big commitment, may I suggest... 


I highly recommend starting by learning online using a robust online course, playing with data using sites like Kaggle and even getting some work experience under your belt before committing to an advanced degree in data science.  

If you would like some help figuring out the best way forward in your specific situation, drop me a line and I'd be glad to point you in the right direction.


There's a belief that only a math genius will do well in data science. While that is true for a pure data science job, there are jobs within data science that don't require you to be a computational wizard. In fact, as AI becomes more sophisticated, I predict we will see new positions created such as data ethicist but these new jobs will require a background in the humanities, law, and communication as well as an ability to explain AI in non-technical terms. So let's say, you would love to be a product manager at an AI company -- you will need to have a data science background for sure. But you certainly don't need an advanced degree -- there are shorter programs that offer a more practical education. 

To learn more about Artificial Intelligence, listen to this incredible episode of This Week in Startups - a conversation between Jason Calacanis and Alexandr Wang:

Have a question about a career in data science? Not sure if data science is right for you? Ask me here. I typically respond with in 24-48 hours unless I'm on vacation!