I Was Pessimistic About Stopping Climate Change… Till I Came Across This Breakthrough Idea

By neesha | climate cange

Dec 06

There's so much gloom and doom around climate change, it's easy to lose hope that there's anything we can do to stop it in its tracks, let alone reverse its trajectory. 

I've been researching promising and scalable solutions that investors and business leaders can get behind.

In that quest, I stumbled upon an online course called 'Soil is the Climate Solution.'  Even though I didn't completely buy into the hypothesis, I decided to sign up for it. 

Over 10 days, I slowly found myself more and more intrigued.  I learned how we can use the soil to sequester carbon AND improve soil health. It made so much sense that I wondered why it isn't making front-page news. 

soil with a little plant in it

Photo by from Pexels

I think it's because there's not much data yet about this new type of regenerative agriculture. Also, it will take nothing short of a revolution to make this vision a reality. And that doesn't seem likely. But if the solution proposed by this course is indeed as promising as it sounds, it has the potential to transform human health (more nutritious food), improve economic outcomes for farmers (better soil health and carbon income), and sequester large amounts of carbon. That's a triple win worth getting policymakers, food companies and consumers to rally around. 

Here's the link to the course: 

and here's a little excerpt of a demonstration that explains the concept of soil health:

While I understand the principles intellectually, I welcome insights from farmers -- what do you think of this farming method? Does it make sense to you? If you are a soil scientist, does the science check out? 

If you are currently following these methods on your farm, I would love to hear from you too! 

I still have so many questions, but one thing for sure, as I took this course, I felt more optimistic about our ability to do something about climate change.

As a first step, in 2020, I will begin composting the food waste from our home. If nothing else, that feels like a tangible way to reduce my family's carbon footprint. There's something truly gratifying about growing food that is nourished by the recycled waste from your kitchen. Stay tuned for my composting experiments - and let me know what you think about Soil as a potential climate solution!