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How to Use the Brain Matters Collection

By Neesha Mirchandani

​The Best Way to Leverage Your Brain-Based Curriculum

To Win New Parents & Wow Current Parents

Hello Kids 'R' Kids Owners!

I'm going to show you how to take parents from why Brainwaves matters... 



Wow That's Cool!


Why Post About Brainwaves: Because It's Your Branded Secret Sauce. Kids 'R' Kids has invested a lot of money to build up the brand, so why not leverage it in your local marketing efforts?

  • Current parents should understand why we focus on the brain. This is my #1 Goal!!! Why? Because if our families talk about us to other parents, we save marketing dollars πŸ™‚  
  • Parents searching for childcare should start seeing us as trusted advisors on child development. Please note: typically this takes A LOT of marketing spend for a brand to become a household name.  For example, Goddard has a CMO and a full-time staff of 21 people working on this. But if all the owners come together, it start to shift parent perceptions through a slower but more grassroots approach. I call this strategy "Guerrilla Brand Elevation."  

What you will need: 

    • 10 Images that show Brainwaves-in-Action at your school. These are more 1000% more important than the generic ones I created below. WHY? I'll tell you why in our weekly live call inside our Facebook Group. 

I created these for Kids 'R' Kids of RTP. You know, for those days when the team has too much going on, and they need some "back-pocket" posts. 

These images show you what I'm doing for Kids 'R' Kids of RTP to shine a light on Brainwaves. This is content on our website that we simply re-imagined as an image post so we can share it where parents are already hanging out. I'm not sure I'm allowed to share these with you but if Kids 'R' Kids Corporate & Kids 'R' Kids of RTP don't have a problem with it, I'd be happy to send you a free copy πŸ™‚ 

Brainwaves is a registered trademark of Kids 'R' Kids International. Please be respectful of all copyrights before you share on social media! 



Share the same content to current parents via Tadpoles or email. You can edit the note to be more specific to what their kids are learning in the classroom, or activities they are doing. ​

1. Talk about Brainwaves activities in your infant room or pose the question, "Did you know?"

BRAINWAVES curriculum Kids 'R' Kids

2. Talk about how the Brainwaves curriculum activates brain cells. 

3. This is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of a preschool education. 

4. Talk about a particular activity and post with a photo (show versus tell).  

5. This is how we are different from other teaching methods such as Montessori.

6. Find a way to invite parents in for a tour: "See for yourself how we reinforce..."

7. This is a great opportunity to discuss how your school approaches nap-time! 

8. Pose a question: "Isn't a child's brain fascinating?"

About the Author

Neesha Mirchandani helps small business owners access the same marketing tools and shortcuts that Fortune 500 companies take for granted. She's the author of two books. Neesha has a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and over 20+ years of experience serving clients as diverse as AT&T, IBM, Mellon Bank, Pacific Bell to local businesses, nonprofits & tech startups. When you meet Neesha ask her why the Dalai Lama wrote the Foreword to her first book and why her next book is a joke book (of all things)!