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Fast Acting Bonus #1: YOUR Quote in the Up and Coming Authority Pack

By Neesha Mirchandani

Join the Ranks of Marie Forleo, Gary Vee, and other celebs by adding YOUR authority brand-boosting quotes in the next UP & COMING AUTHORITY COLLECTION!

Those who contribute to this collection will be invited to become affiliates, earning 40% of all referred sales... SO, not only do you get free authority and brand boosting advertising... you also get paid for your own damn ad!!!

The Fast50 Bonus is only available to the first 50 people to buy the 150 Collection of Facebook Image Posts. Restrictions: Your Quote cannot includes wiring money to bank account in Nigeria, profanity, sex, drugs and violence. Why? I want to work with kids in the foster care system and social workers are very protective (as they should be) about who has access. Keep it relatively clean, OK???

This offer expires 04/28/2017 so hop on over and gimme your wisdom!!!

This one by Seema is an example of a branded post. If you would like a photo of yourself, just make sure it's high resolution. I will do my best to use the image you provide but I can't make any promises! 

Want to order an entire collection of branded posts or tips to generate leads for your own use?

Use this Google Form to send me your order. Your Canva Girl will get back to you in no time! Below is an example of a custom set for a preschool to increase brand awareness for their Brainwaves Curriculum:

About the Author

Neesha Mirchandani helps small business owners access the same marketing tools and shortcuts that Fortune 500 companies take for granted. She's the author of two books. Neesha has a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and over 20+ years of experience serving clients as diverse as AT&T, IBM, Mellon Bank, Pacific Bell to local businesses, nonprofits & tech startups. When you meet Neesha ask her why the Dalai Lama wrote the Foreword to her first book and why her next book is a joke book (of all things)!