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Celebrating School Milestones

By Neesha Mirchandani

You have so many activities and events in your school on a day-to-day basis. Why hide your light under a bushel? Also, don't forget to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, babies, fundraisers, and other milestones, because that's what makes a school a community. 


  1. If you've sent me your photos, you'll see your custom made-for-you images below. Click the DROPBOX link to download your image posts. For the anniversary and birthday announcements, all you have to do is open the file in PowerPoint, add the name of the person, Save as a JPEG file, and you're done! You can re-use these templates over and over again. 
  2. Post them to your page. 
  3. If you are seeing KRK Clayton's sample posts, please DO NOT USE THEM. Send me images of your students, and I'll create YOUR custom posts. 
  4. After your parents have liked, commented, and shared your post, you can Boost the Post (view our training on how to do that). This will bring your ad to other parents in the area. Just make sure you have signed consent forms in place before you use any student images!!! <<< Can't stress this enough<<< 


Dental Check-Up: Ask Partner to Like/Comment/Share 

My heart is so full to see my school full of read-a-holics! tara

If Your Have Over 500 Likes & Parents Interact With Your Posts, Questions Are Great. 

Always tag your fundraising partner and ask them to Like, Comment and Share on their page. 

What do you do at your school that the school down the street doesn't do? Photo that!

Don't have a lot of signed consent forms? This is a great workaround till you get them!

Send us a yummy photo of your teachers celebrating 5 or 10 year anniversaries!

Be careful about posting the names of your teachers but something like this is great! 

Teacher had a baby? Write some text, add this image and you're good to go!

Post this on March 2nd and in the text, explain what you're doing or why it matters. 

Teacher had a baby? Write some text, add this image and you're good to go!

Post on Dr. Seuss' Birthday w/ text about your activities (Green eggs and ham breakfast, etc.)

Prefer using the Kids 'R' Kids brand colors? Use this one instead! 

Use this image to wish a teacher, staff member or business partner Happy Birthday!

Prefer using the Kids 'R' Kids brand colors? Use this one instead! 




Why do I give out my cell phone number to new members for the first 30 days?

Because I want to make sure this SAVES you time. 


About the Author

Neesha Mirchandani helps small business owners access the same marketing tools and shortcuts that Fortune 500 companies take for granted. She's the author of two books. Neesha has a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and over 20+ years of experience serving clients as diverse as AT&T, IBM, Mellon Bank, Pacific Bell to local businesses, nonprofits & tech startups. When you meet Neesha ask her why the Dalai Lama wrote the Foreword to her first book and why her next book is a joke book (of all things)!