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  1. You wake up in the morning in a great mood... then you get blind-sighted by Mr./Ms. Horrid Person.  
  2. You really want to tell them to take a Flying &$*% on a Rolling Donut (FF on a RD). 
  3. You don't want to stoop to their level... 
  4. But you also don't want them to treat you like a piece of shit ever again. 
  5. Enter the Shakespearean Insult. Notice the flowers. So very subversive. 
  6. Write a post on your FB page without mentioning names but explaining the crime. They'll get the point - and hopefully never mess with you again. 

HOWEVER, The Best Use of the the Shakespearean Insults is What You Can Do Next... 

APPLICATION #2: USE THIS NEGATIVE XPERIENCE TO TURN YOUR SHITTY DAY INTO AN "OH-SHIT! I MADE A $ALE DAY!" {swipe & customize the empathy-call-to-action post copy template below}

Hello, my peeps, I've noticed that some of you are dealing with negative people, raining on your dreams. I wanted to share a little subversive Shakespearean Insult hack I used this morning AND IT WORKS! {Insert what happened to you today here}  You're doing your best but there will always be people who try to take you off-track. Here's what I recommend you do: Every time they say something mean or mock you, mutter this Shakespearean rant under your breath.... it will make you giggle, and then you're not mad at them anymore. Just don't waste energy on negative people. Focus on your thing. It's real.  I believe in you. And I'm here for you when you're ready to up-level and leave the losers and haters in the dust. Lemme know if it works for you LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW: Have you seen my {INSERT Your easy-to-say-yes-to product/offer/opt-in goes here} I created it so we can silence those damn HATERS forever???

OK, Neesha, I LOVE THESE! Where can I grab and post in 10 seconds or less?

YOU: Hey Neesh, can I make a few tweaks? ME: Sure thing! Here's the Editable Canva Version:


Share the other 9 insults in the collection once that post takes off -- and on days when you're launching or you're not well, or traveling, it will keep your community laughing and engaged and venting about the crazy people in their lives. โ€‹Instead of always sharing content strictly about what you do, it's good to mix it up with other "connection content" like this. 

OK, Neesha, I LOVE THESE! Where can I grab and post in 10 seconds or less?

YOU: Hey Neesh, can I make a few tweaks? ME: Sure thing! Here's the Editable Canva Version:

How do you like the 150 <Just Hit Publish> Collection?

Let me know in the Facebook Group or PM me. 


Because I want to make sure this SAVES you time and money. Let me know in the group how you plan to use the Shakespearean Insults LOL ๐Ÿ™‚   

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Neesha Mirchandani helps small business owners access the same marketing tools and shortcuts that Fortune 500 companies take for granted. She's the author of two books. Neesha has a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University, and over 20+ years of experience serving clients as diverse as AT&T, IBM, Mellon Bank, Pacific Bell to local businesses, nonprofits & tech startups. When you meet Neesha ask her why the Dalai Lama wrote the Foreword to her first book and why her next book is a joke book (of all things)!