My name is Neesha Mirchandani, and I'm the author of Wisdom Song. Here are some common questions I get from readers before they buy the book. 

Question #1: Who is Baba Amte?

Baba Amte drawing water from a well

"Joy is more infectious than leprosy." - Baba Amte

Baba Amte is a legendary social worker and advocate for the poor in India. Born on December 24, 1914 to wealthy rural landowners in a remote Indian village, he lived to be 94 years old.

As a newly married man in the late 1940s, Baba stood to inherit 400 acres of land - the family estate, and the social status that comes along. Instead, he chose to move to a barren, rocky land with six leprosy patients, his wife, and two young sons to set up Anandwan, 'the Forest of Joy.'

Like a cat with nine lives, Baba's experiments in compassion did not end there. The scope of his change-making over nine decades is absolutely breathtaking.

During his lifetime, his work was honored in international development circles: he won the UN Human Rights Prize and the Templeton Prize, the Gandhi Peace Prize, and many other accolades. He became the symbol of a life well lived and the path less taken.

Though you may not have heard of him, Baba Amte was highly respected by many Indians, and humanitarians like the Dalai Lama. Though Baba passed away on February 9th, 2008, his legacy lives on.

Why have I never heard of Baba Amte, winner of the UN Human Rights Prize? Do you know his work? 

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Question #2: Who should read Wisdom Song?

Dalai Lama Wrote the Foreword for my book, Wisdom Song

"Your work is your life made visible." - Baba Amte

If you admire leaders like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, but feel you can never measure up, you will be delighted to discover Baba Amte. His playfulness, his youthful adventures, and all-to-human internal battles make him less saintly, and more accessible. Anyone who feels compelled to make an imprint on this world will enjoy reading Wisdom Song.

Just discovered Baba Amte. Can't wait to read his bio: Wisdom Song! 

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Question #3: How Do I Get My Hands on Wisdom Song?

Click over to Amazon using the link above, and buy the book. If you buy the paperback version, you should receive it in the mail very soon.

If you order the Kindle version, it can be downloaded on to your Kindle or any e-reader. 

Other Questions

Do you have a bulk purchase discount if I need 25 books or more?

Yes, glad you asked. Wisdom Song integrates well into Corporate Social Responsibility programs and Holiday Gifts for employees, clients, and partners.  If you would like to order 50 copies or more, I can give you a bulk discount. Just ask: (subject line: Wisdom Song Bulk Order). 

Do you have an affiliate program?

Amazon does! Add Wisdom Song to your blog or website through Amazon's Affiliate program, and earn commissions on every book you sell.  In 15 minutes you're all set! 

On April 24, 2006, noted peacemaker and actor, Shabana Azmi, and Ex-Editor of The Times of India, Darryl D'Monte launched Wisdom Song at Oxford Bookstore in Mumbai, India.

Can a nonprofit or charitable foundation use this book to fundraise? 

Yes, you can use Wisdom Song as a fundraising tool.  Send me an email at and I will show you how! 

Can I use Wisdom Song in a classroom setting?

Yes, please do! 

News headlines got you down? Untold story of Baba Amte from India will lift your spirits!

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I'm from the media. Do you have some graphics I can use for my story? I'm on deadline! 

You are welcome to use the images on this website with proper attribution (Source: Neesha Mirchandani, Don't see what you need? Get in touch. 

I'd like to create a derivitive work based on Wisdom Song (a play, a movie, a documentary, another book, etc.). What are my options?

Let's talk. As long as it's not exploitative of Baba's legacy, I'm open to ideas. 

Is Baba Amte still alive?

No. Baba Amte passed away in February 2008 at the age of 94. I feel really glad I was able to launch the book in April 2006 while he was still alive. 

Wisdom Song... A sensitive and moving account of one of the great unsung saints of India.

Siddharth Kak
Filmmaker & TV Anchor