BeefCart: A Direct Selling App 

For Grass-Fed Beef Producers


There's SO MUCH hype about regenerative ag these days... None of that matters if only the investors get rich. I want to make sure farmers and ranchers get rich too

To figure out how to do that, I started talking with grass-fed beef producers in the US.

In one such conversation, Keith and Linda Long from Kansas shared with me that their ranch is 90 minutes from town. They would like to make more online sales so they know every trip into town will be profitable even before they leave the farm. 

So you're probably wondering who I am and what my agenda is.... Fair question. 

My name is Neesha, and I run a business called Impact Stars. I identify planet-and people-positive solutions and help them succeed using my business, financing, and marketing expertise.

One such solution I have identified is pasture-raised meat that increases soil carbon levels. I'd like to align my success to the profits of regenerative ranchers so together, we can grow the industry. What I bring to the table is understanding of how investors think, what consumers want, and how to capture maximum value. 

My conversation with Keith and Linda inspired the idea for BeefCart. I created a few prototype screens. Tell me what you think -- the good, the bad and the ugly. You will not offend me! 

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1. BeefCart can be a smart phone-friendly directory of Grass-fed Producers that:

  • Invites new buyers to 'meet' producers through storytelling and videos. 
  • Deepen and leverage current customer relationships (through reviews). 
  • Make it easy for consumers to discover local US producers of grassfed beef. 

BeefCart Can Include an Advanced Search Tool:

  • Consumers can search by meat or by production methods.
  • They can also search by location (Wichita, KS) and distance (5 miles from a specific address). 
  • They can search for specific dietary preferences and specific types of niche products like only organic grass-fed beef, raw milk, etc. . (more expensive to build but possible).

3. BeefCart Can Make Pick-Up Orders and Delivery Easier:

In interviews with consumers who buy beef regularly, they said they would like to order as easily as they do on Amazon.

  • Some don't mind picking up from a Farmer's Market.
  • Some prefer home delivery  (this can come later with a partnership with a delivery company). 

4. BeefCart Can Connect to Google Maps. 

This would help consumers to find their way to pick-up locations right from the app. 

5. Buyers can save their orders and enable 'Subscribe' feature so they can 1-Click reorder from their favorite producers and download invoices and print orders. 

The idea here is to enable loyal, repeat customer relationships instead of casual, one-off transactional relationships. This is an advanced feature so it probably won't be included in the first version of the app. 

6. In parts of the country where there is no regional or local grass-fed producers, BeefCart can display national brands that ship directly to consumers. 

The idea here is to keep track of demand so we can see where to expand new grass-fed operations. We would share this data with all our members so they can see where growth is happening. I've used Blue Nest as an example -- we can go with any grass-fed national brand that ships within the US, including other members. THIS IS FOR EXAMPLE ONLY. 

What Do You Think About BeefCart?

Step 1

Submit your feedback here. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill out. 

Step 2

I will share the results with you once I have feedback from at least 15 grass-fed producers.