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Feb 15

Customized Parent Praise Posts

By Neesha Mirchandani |

How a Childcare Center Can Increase Enrollments Without Spending Thousands of Dollars on Adwords By Using the Parent Praise System


Imagine a first-time mom struggling to make the decision to send her toddler to daycare. She has nightmares about all the things that could go wrong. Her mother was stay-at-home mom, and every time they talk on the phone, she can literally hear the judgement in her voice.

She searches for "daycares near me" or "preschools nearby" and then closes the browser window. She is overcome by Mother's Guilt. She can't do it.

And yet, she knows, she needs to go back to work. The last year has been rough: without her $60,000/year salary, they cannot make it for much longer.

She spends hours and hours wondering: Who can I trust with my child?

This is how you want this mom to feel about your center: 

But if you say it (like in the Facebook Ad above), that's fine, but parents don't always believe you.

The first thing parents do is go to Google and search. You know the first thing they make a beeline to read? The Reviews! 

Parents trust other parents when it comes to childcare. With all the headline-grabbing scary stories about daycares, your online reviews are more important than ever.  If your parents have given you positive reviews on Facebook, Google, or Yelp (or even in a letter or email), that's pure marketing gold! 

In fact, I believe that if your parents are truly happy with your center, and more than happy to write an online review for you, marketing becomes so much easier! 

Google likes to see a steady stream of reviews, and its algorithm is now smart enough to know which ones are authentic and which ones are not. ​


  1. Use this form to send Impact Stars your 5 most powerful parent testimonials.
  2. Once you submit the form, my team will start working on your custom testimonial posts! 
  3. DO NOT post these every single day on your Facebook page. One per week is plenty. 
  4. Always make sure your parents are still happy with your center before you send us their testimonials. Once you submit your request,  it goes straight to production and I can't change the text without a change fee. 


This one below is perfect - it tells a real story. 

Again, love the specifics...  authentic!

Talks about WatchMeGrow...

Speaks directly to a specific type of mom! 

Short & sweet & easy to read! 

Share your customized Parent Praise images all over social media, in your email newsletter to parents who've expressed interest in your center, and print it out to take to local events.

Display these Parent Praise images, and let them do the bragging for you!


Makes you want to throw eggs at your computer screen when you read one of those nasties, right?

If you don't respond to negative reviews, it looks bad.

If you respond emotionally, it looks bad.

Problem Solved!

I crafted 23 diplomatic templates that signal to parents that you care but you're not going to let a hater abuse you online. >>>NOT ON MY WATCH<<< But there's a catch. You only get my templates if...


I will send you the >>>Action-Takers Bonus<<<: 23 Ready-to-Use Response Templates for Hateful 1-Star Google or Yelp Reviews.

Elsa let it go!

Please don't throw eggs at your computer next time a mean-spirited review hits your Google or Yelp profile. Just cut-tweak-paste one of my templates, and as Elsa says... Let it go! 

So What IF... You Don't Have Great Parent Reviews?

Don't be sad. This section is for you 🙂

#1: Tempting as it may be, don't ask your your favorite Uncle Jake to write fake reviews. "If I had kids, I would definitely send my kids here." OR "OMG, this is the best preschool ever!"


can detect a fake review

faster than

 the infant class teacher with 9 years' experience 

can detect

poop in a baby's diaper... 

You like my analogy?

I like to make marketing as fun as possible!

SO, THEN you ask, what's the best way to get started?

The Google Gods love a steady flow of parent reviews each month. The search engine uses it as one of several signals that your school is better than the one down the street. 

Google's search algorithm considers how many reviews you have on Google, what your average star rating is, and the number of new reviews your school gets every month.

There are no "silver bullets" in marketing. If your parents are not happy (for whatever reason), sadly, no review process will work. Do this diagnostic quiz and I'll help you figure out the best way to get started with reviews!