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Feb 17

March 2017 Event Posts

By Neesha Mirchandani |

Here are some special posts I created for March. Please note, there are THREE options for the Dr. Seuss birthday image. Use the ONE that you like best. 


  1. Click the big button below to download. 
  2. Post them to your page. 
  3. Want a bonus reading list post to coincide with Reading Across America, let me know in the Facebook group, and I'll whip something up by March 2nd. 

Want something else? Just ASK for it in the Facebook group. If enough schools want it, I'll make it. 

Post this the first week of March.  In the text, explain what you're doing or why it matters. 

Dr. Seuss Birthday Option #1 (if you want to go with the Kids 'R' Kids Brand Colors)

If you're doing Read Across America, post Option #2, because it ties in beautifully!

Want something fun? That's what Option #3 is all about! PICK ANY of the 3 and POST!

What else is going on in March?

You don't need fancy images for every post. Just write a simple text update if you're in a hurry. Shoot a video or take a photo, and post it.

Doing a March Madness event for parents? Write about that!

St. Patrick Day Leprechaun Traps - I'm curious to know more....

How about Kindergarten Applications Due - schedule that post the week before.

Having a hard time coming up with stuff?

Go see what Tara Abernathy at Kids 'R' Kids of Clayton does.

But don't copy it. Come up with something that's true to you!

> March Tip <
- Neesha 🙂




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