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Feb 16

Custom Image Order

By Neesha Mirchandani |




Is there a special quote you've seen online or in a book that you absolutely love?

One you know parents will shower tons of likes, shares, and comments on?

A quote you've always wanted to display in your school?

Send us your custom order here. 

The cost for a Custom Parenting Quote order between $9- $30.

There are three options for you to choose from: 

    • KEEP TO YOURSELF OPTION: If you'd rather keep it to yourself, that's fine... It's yours, fair and square - now, always and forever. You pay, Impact Stars makes your quote with an image of your choice. Straightforward! 
    • SHARE WITH OTHER KIDS 'R' KIDS: If you don't want to pay and other Kids 'R' Kids owners want the same quote, set up a poll in the KRK Owners Marketing Mastermind group so others can upvote it. If I get 10 upvotes, I will add it to next month's KRK-Member-Only images at no additional charge. You pay? Ziltch, zippo, zero dollars. 
    • LIST IT IN THE MARKETPLACE: Want to make money on your quote? Pay us to create it, use it and then turn around and sell it in our soon-to-launch Childcare Marketing Store. You keep 50% of all royalties! Ka-Ching while you sleep. This Childcare Marketing Store will ultimately help me fund my foster care social enterprise. I believe good design ideas can come from anyone! So I made it possible for others to be rewarded for their contributions 🙂 This is a website where ANYONE can buy Ready-to-Publish images at retail prices. If you have enough money and you want to invest your royalties in my crazy social enterprise, I would be so honored by your patronage! Either way, you win 🙂 

    Example of a KEEP TO YOURSELF custom image that costs $9 because Tara sent a great quality image and all we had to do was find the perfect quote and add the logo. She didn't ask for any revisions. If she had asked for one revision or her image was not usable, her price would have been $15.

    Please do not share this as it features KRK Clayton's children and is copyrighted by the school. 

Example of a SHARE WITH OTHER KIDS 'R' KIDS Facebook ad 🙂 I charged Lynn $0 because over 10 other Kids 'R' Kids will be using it as well. Want to use it? It's in the "What Makes Kids 'R' Kids Special Collection!"

Example of a CHILDCARE MARKETING STORE  custom image that Lynn will earn 50% royalties on. Notice that on her Facebook feed, we added a question to personalize it! 

You are stronger than you know
Lynn's favorite Winnie quote screenshot from facebook