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Mar 30

How to Use the Brain Matters Collection

By Neesha Mirchandani |

​The Best Way to Leverage Your Brain-Based Curriculum

To Win New Parents & Wow Current Parents

Hello Kids 'R' Kids Owners!

I'm going to show you how to take parents from why Brainwaves matters... 


Wow That's Cool!

Why Post About Brainwaves: Because It's Your Branded Secret Sauce. Kids 'R' Kids has invested a lot of money to build up the brand, so why not leverage it in your local marketing efforts?

  • Current parents should understand why we focus on the brain. This is my #1 Goal!!! Why? Because if our families talk about us to other parents, we save marketing dollars 🙂  
  • Parents searching for childcare should start seeing us as trusted advisors on child development. Please note: typically this takes A LOT of marketing spend for a brand to become a household name.  For example, Goddard has a CMO and a full-time staff of 21 people working on this. But if all the owners come together, it start to shift parent perceptions through a slower but more grassroots approach. I call this strategy "Guerrilla Brand Elevation."  

What you will need: 

    • 10 Images that show Brainwaves-in-Action at your school. These are more 1000% more important than the generic ones I created below. WHY? I'll tell you why in our weekly live call inside our Facebook Group. 

I created these for Kids 'R' Kids of RTP. You know, for those days when the team has too much going on, and they need some "back-pocket" posts. 

These images show you what I'm doing for Kids 'R' Kids of RTP to shine a light on Brainwaves. This is content on our website that we simply re-imagined as an image post so we can share it where parents are already hanging out. I'm not sure I'm allowed to share these with you but if Kids 'R' Kids Corporate & Kids 'R' Kids of RTP don't have a problem with it, I'd be happy to send you a free copy 🙂 

Brainwaves is a registered trademark of Kids 'R' Kids International. Please be respectful of all copyrights before you share on social media! 


Share the same content to current parents via Tadpoles or email. You can edit the note to be more specific to what their kids are learning in the classroom, or activities they are doing. ​

1. Talk about Brainwaves activities in your infant room or pose the question, "Did you know?"

BRAINWAVES curriculum Kids 'R' Kids

2. Talk about how the Brainwaves curriculum activates brain cells. 

3. This is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of a preschool education. 

4. Talk about a particular activity and post with a photo (show versus tell).  

5. This is how we are different from other teaching methods such as Montessori.

6. Find a way to invite parents in for a tour: "See for yourself how we reinforce..."

7. This is a great opportunity to discuss how your school approaches nap-time! 

8. Pose a question: "Isn't a child's brain fascinating?"

Mar 28

Brainwaves Collection – Brainwaves SEO

By Neesha Mirchandani |


As the person responsible for marketing at Kids 'R' Kids of RTP, I realized that we use the term BRAINWAVES  but most parents have no clue what that means or why it matters. As one mom told me, "I couldn't care about your buzzwords."

Instead of talking in buzzwords and trademarked terms that parents don't YET care about, I've created a series to educate them on things they DO care about -- their child's developing brain. 


  1. To download, click the button below, and pay the nominal $7 fee. 
  2. Once you pay, you will receive a link to a Dropbox folder where you can download the images below in high resolution.
  3. You can use these posts on your Facebook page or other social media outlets on days when you have no clue what to post or there's just too much going on. 
  4. If you order before April 5th, I will also send you a print-friendly PDF version for parents who tour your center. 

1. When you post this, talk about Brainwaves activities in your infant room.

2. Here you can talk about how the Brainwaves curriculum activates brain cells. 

3. This is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of a preschool education. 

4. Talk about a particular Brainwaves activity in this context. 

5. This is how we are different from other teaching methods such as Montessori.

6. Find a way to invite parents in for a tour: "See for yourself how we reinforce..."

7. BONUS: This is a great opportunity to discuss how your school approaches nap-time! A lot of parents, especially those with infants and toddlers stress about naps.   


If this is you - leverage these images on your website

Google loves sending traffic to websites with useful, well-written content. If you really want to make the most of these images, write a companion blog post on your website. For example, "Google-Juice" blog post topics include: 

  1. Understanding Your Child's Developing Brain: From Birth to 5 Years So Much Happens! 
  2. Why We Use Brain Science to Teach Children at Our Preschool (3 Must-Read Books for Parents) 
  3. The Importance of Sleep in a Toddler's Brain (Is Your Child Getting Enough?)
  4. 7 Eye-Opening Facts About Your Baby's Brain (#6 Will Change the Way You Talk to Your Child)

Would you like Impact Stars to write the companion article for you? Submit a custom order here

We put a lot of TLC into our writing so please give us 7-10 business days to turn it around.

Our article prices include search engine optimization research, writing, editing and proof-reading.

We charge $47 per article (500 words) OR if you would like to include 2 Expert Quotes from you or your center director, the price is $87 (700 words). Though the themes will be similar, the content and title for each article we write for each school will be different. This is because Google knows when you are simply copy/pasting duplicate content ---> we don't do that. 

Click the link below to fill out your order form. If you order from us, you have to promise to post the article to your website. Deal? 

We don't just want your money, we want you to get more "Google Juice :-)" 

Google Juice animtated gif
Feb 15

The Brain Matters Collection by Impact Stars

By Neesha Mirchandani |


Hello Kids 'R' Kids Owners, 

My name is Neesha Mirchandani, and it's so nice to meet you 🙂  

I've been helping Lynn Rasmussen at Kids 'R' Kids of RTP with branding and marketing since 2013.

So One Day, I Opened Up My Web Browser,

Googled Kids 'R' Kids of RTP, and...

This Happened.

Me writing a brainwaves ad and coming up with nothing

I went through the other stages of grief, you know this one: 

When I saw another nasty review, I said to myself:

I spoke with other childcare center owners and directors and they sat me down and told me about OTHER problems they have with online reviews... 

 Some centers had no idea that NO REVIEWS or NEGATIVE REVIEWS were costing them Google Traffic.... because parents read the reviews online then decide which centers to tour... and they had ZERO reviews on Google and only a couple of negative reviews on Yelp. 

So, what's the solution to ALL THESE PROBLEMS?

It's very simple and elegant, and in fact, many businesses already have it in place.

Why bother? 

Because our business of childcare is all about relationships. 

Let's say a parent is not happy and you find out using your "Listening Engine." This is a great opportunity because...

A proactive business owner wants to know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Announcing: The Parent Praise Marketing System by Impact Stars

We automate the process of getting parent feedback:

We all know that parents look at online reviews before deciding which centers to tour. 

If our current parents think we are the "cat's meow," we don't really have to worry if there are three other competitors in a 5-mile radius or thirteen. Our reviews will speak for us! 

But first we have to set up a Listening Engine so we have our finger on the pulse of our parent happiness levels across the school. 

If you're an active owner who is at the school every day, you may think you know how parents feel.  But you may not know how to turn all that goodwill into online reviews. 

The listening engine is focused on one important question:

Would parents recommend us to others?

Why or why not? 

This is called Net Promotor Score (NPS) and most Fortune 500 companies use it as a best practice for customer happiness. 

This Parent Wow Program Isn't For Everyone! You must be an Owner Who:

  • Will take action when parents are not happy, and communicate in a way that resolves the problem. 
  • Understands the value of online reviews, and how they affect online searches. 
  • Knows that Parent Praise (parents recommending your school to other parents) is the best kind of marketing! 

What does it cost to be part of the pilot?

  1. It costs $299 to set-up each Kids 'R' Kids location (one-time fee) and $39/month ongoing. Included in this price is the Parent Listening Engine, Review Publishing Engine, Online Reputation Dashboard, and 3-Months FREE LISTING on the Directory Site For Daycares & Preschools: Before you commit, you will have the opportunity to view a demo, and then decide if it's right for you. 
  2.  After the pilot, the price will increase to $399 one-time set up fee and $49/month ongoing. 


Impact Stars earns money only if we make marketing easier for you. I invest that money in HotSkillsPayBills. The goal is to train those experiencing foster care system so they are proficient in at least one in-demand skill that pays the bills. In turn, each of them will agree to 'pay it forward' to one kid in foster care. 

Supporting this venture will make you feel like a superhero EVEN on days when 4 teachers call in sick: 

YOU get incredible easy-to-implement marketing shortcuts

AND together,

WE get to help kids in foster care. How cool is that? 


Lynn Rasmussen & Tara Abernathy: I wouldn't be here, connecting my marketing expertise with my desire to help kids in foster care, if it wasn't for these two Kids 'R' Kids owners (KRK RTP & Clayton). 

It was Juanita Hogan gave me brutally honest but very constructive feedback in the early stages - so valuable, and I took it to heart. (KRK Morrisville).

Van Hogan inspired this idea when he said, "Where's the easy button for marketing?" 

Lonnie Hutson for his wisdom (KRK Sugarland), and Julie & Brooks Moye (KRK Cary/Morrisville) for letting me attend his unforgettable session. 

It's really hard (maybe impossible) to pull off anything big alone.  

We all need co-conspirators who will catch us when we fall, give constructive feedback, connect us to the right people who know the shortcuts, and make us laugh along the way. 

Thank you for supporting me and Impact Stars.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you inside the new Facebook group!